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This tutorial demonstrates designing a reflector around an LED to create a medium flood beam, and using
an anisotropic material. It is a good idea to complete the beginner tutorials before attempting this
advanced tutorial, since many of the more basic functions and concepts are not explained in this tutorial.
Import the Lamp
1. Start a new project and choose File > Save As to give it a name such as LED Medium Flood.
2. Choose File > Import Lamp and then browse for the file named W42180.LAMP, which is the
Seoul P4. Insert the LED at 0,0.

Build the Reflector
3. From a front view, choose Design > Reflector: Aiming Based > Extruded Symmetric.
a. Press Enter to accept the default lamp center of 0,0.
b. Click a start point close to the base of the LED’s dome lens.
c. Enter -50 for the reflector extent, in degrees.
d. Enter 0 for the aiming of the first section, in degrees.
e. Enter -40 for the aiming of the last section, in degrees.
f. Enter 5 for the angle increment, in degrees.
g. Enter 12 for the extrusion length, in inche

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