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Photopia Designing a Wall Wash Reflector with a Fluorescent

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This tutorial demonstrates the design theory of an asymmetric wall wash reflector. The goal is to create a
reflector within realistic size constraints that achieves a smooth illuminance onto a wall. It is a good idea to
complete the beginner tutorials before attempting this advanced tutorial, since many of the more basic
functions and concepts are not explained in this tutorial.
Setup the Project
1. Start a new project and choose File > Save As to give it a name such as T5HO Wall Wash.
2. This tutorial will be in metric units, so be sure that the length units are set to millimeters. (Set the
units by typing units in the command prompt.)
3. Choose File > Import Lamp and then browse for the lamp file named F54T5HO.LAMP, which is a
54W 4’ T5HO linear fluorescent lamp. Insert the lamp at 0,0.
Since we will be creating an asymmetric reflector, the lamp needs to be rotated in order for the
photometry to be correct. For bilaterally symmetric luminaires (called “asymmetric”), the asymmetric
punch of light should be in the +Y direction of the WCS.
4. From the top view, rotate (Modify > Rotate) the lamp 90 degrees around the Z axis of the WCS.

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