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Photopia Design a Fresnel Lens

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This tutorial will lead you through the process of creating a round prismatic lens, referred to as a Fresnel lens. The design will have the following parameters:
 Use a narrow beam LED source
 Acrylic for the lens material
 50mm diameter lens
 3mm minimum lens thickness
 Be designed to make as narrow a beam as possible
After designing the lens as defined above, we will investigate the different functions of the lens tool that allow us to make quick adjustments to the design’s parameters. These are the changes we will make to the lens:
 Change the diameter from 50mm to 60mm
 Change the location of prisms from only the outside surface to both outside and inside surfaces to only the inside surface
 Use pull direction and draft angle to make the prisms mold-able
 Add fillets to the prisms
 Change from a stepped profile type to a smooth profile type
Overview of Design Process
This tutorial will use the Revolved lens tool. The light distributions of the lens tools are controlled via the same aiming angle and weighting factor concept used for reflectors. The general concept behind the lens tools is to create a prismatic surface, with the prisms “mapped” to a profile (base profile), which is the general shape of the lens. The aiming and weighting factors simply dictate the number of prisms aimed toward each angle in the distribution. Since there are two surfaces required for a lens, an inside surface into which the light enters the lens, and an outside surface through which the light exits the lens, the base profile is used for one of these surfaces and the prisms are mapped to a second surface, offset from the first.

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