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Photopia Analyze a Luminaire

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Once a 3D luminaire model is inside Photopia and its materials are assigned, it is ready to be analyzed.
Photopia allows you to specify a range of settings that control the analysis process and also dictate the
type and format of the photometric output produced. The following sections lead you through the details of
specifying the photometric output and raytrace settings. Before starting, choose Help > Open Sample
Project and find 2x4 Fluor Troffer.ray, if it is not already open from Tutorial 1.
Photometric Output
1. Select Analysis > Specify Photometric Output from the main menu. This screen allows you to
select the type(s) of output Photopia will generate. Your choices include a Photometric Report and
Illuminance on a Plane. Additionally, you can specify whether the photometry will be Relative,
Absolute, or Per Thousand Lamp Lumens.

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