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ZELAND -- FilterSyn: A Filter Simulation and Synthesis Modul

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What is FilterSyn?
·FilterSyn is a filter simulation and synthesis module integrated with IE3D’s Library.
·FilterSyn uses accurate analytical models.
·FilterSyn deals with low-pass, bandpass, and bandstop filters.
·FilterSyn performs fast simulation and synthesis.
·FilterSyn has a built-in Genetic-Algorithm (GA) optimizer.
·FilterSyn has a friendly graphical user interface.
·FilterSyn creates filter objects and exports them to IE3D.
·FilterSyn can be invoked from a filter layout as well.
·FilterSyn has been verified experimentally and extensively.
What can FilterSyn do?
·Simulate and synthesize microstrip stepped-impedance low-pass filters.
·Simulate and synthesize microstrip open-circuited stub low-pass filters.
·Simulate and synthesize microstrip open-circuited stub bandstop filters
·Simulate and synthesize parallel-coupled microstrip bandpass filters.
·Simulate and synthesize coupled-bar combline bandpass filters
·Simulate and synthesize coupled-bar interdigital bandpass filters.
·Simulate and synthesize broadband coupled-bar interdigital bandpass filters.
Who needs FilterSyn?
·RF engineers.
·Microwave engineers.
·Antenna engineers.

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