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ZELAND -- Coupled-Cavity Filter Design by COCAFIL

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Mode-matching based CAD suite for waveguide
COupled-CAvity FILter design
– Capability: simulation and synthesis with optimization.
– Filter type:bandpassand high-pass.
– Coupling structures: circular posts, square posts, Eplane strips, diaphragms, and transverse strips.
– Speed: simulation completed in no time and synthesis
in a few minutes on a PC.
– Accuracy: highly accurate and experimentally verified
BPF using longitudinal (E-plane) strips
– Low-cost but longest and relatively poor upperstopbandattenuation
 BPF using transverse strips
– Shortest, improved upperstopbandattenuation but cost might be higher
than E-plane ones
 BPF using circular posts
– Good performance, low-cost realization using standard wires around Kaband but higher cost at other bands
BPF using square posts
– Good performance and moderate length, probably suitable for machining
but higher cost
u HPF using symmetrical diaphragms

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