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Labview Lesson 6 Perfomance Issues

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A. About LabVIEW multithreading and multitasking.
B. How to use the VI Profile Window.
C. Programming methods for speeding up your VIs.
D. How system memory issues can affect LabVIEW performance.
E. How to optimize memory use (and related performance) for individual VIs.

Automatically used on supported systems
When working with multiple VIs, there are different execution systems (classes of threads) available to organize your application:
User Interface (Updating graphs, responding to mouse clicks, etc)
Standard (default - where compiled code executes)
Instrument I/O (for VISA, GPIB, and Serial I/O applications)
Data Acquisition (DAQ applications)
Other 1
Other 2
Execution systems are not necessary, but allow a logical grouping of threads.
You can prioritize tasks in an execution system using the Priority option of a VI.

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