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LabVIEW™ Basics II Course Manual

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Before you use this course manual, make sure you have all of the following
❑ (Windows) Windows 95 or later installed on your computer; (Macintosh)
Power Macintosh running MacOS 7.6.1 or later; (UNIX) Sun workstation
running Solaris 2.5 or later and XWindows system software, an HP 9000
workstation model 700 series running HP-UX 10.20 or later, or a PC
running Linux kernel 2.0.x or later for the Intel x86 architecture
❑ (Windows) Multifunction DAQ device configured as device 1 using
Measurement & Automation Explorer; (Macintosh) Multifunction DAQ
device in Slot 1
❑ DAQ Signal Accessory, wires, and cable
❑ LabVIEW Professional Development System 6.0 or later
❑ (Optional) A word processing application such as (Windows) Notepad,
WordPad, (Macintosh) TeachText, (UNIX) Text Editor, vi, or vuepad
❑ LabVIEW Basics II course disk, containing the following files.

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