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Connection and Control PC-CNC Systems
Starting from 1989, Spectrum Technologies design and develop connection and monitoring technologies, wired and wireless, for machine tools CNC.
Multi-DNC™ is a communication and management system for CNC programs, that allows loading, unloading and sending block to block to multiple simultaneous Numerical Controls. The package includes advanced features for comparing files, editor and backplotter. 
Multi-DNC™ can be easily connected to CAD-CAM systems, using Ethernet network, and is also available in client-server configuration.
Multi-DNC™ is integrated with a powerful machine tool monitoring system, Machine Event Monitoring™ (MEM), which shares a single database for storing events, avoiding the need to duplicate hardware and software normally required to perform two functions (MEM and DNC).
Multi-DNC™ uses multiport serial card devices and wireless / wired ethernet devices even in a mixed configuration.
Multi-DNC™ is a flexible, easily expandable and configurable system, which ensures a fast return on your investment and a very long life of the system thanks to its continuous updates.
Multi-DNC™ is English localized and directly supported in Italy by DueZero and worldwide by Spectrum International Resellers.
Multi-DNC™ System Features
CNC Connectivity
• Scalable solution from 1 to 288 CNC connected to a single PC
• Uses standard RS232-422 port, Multiserial Hardware Comtrol or Spectrum WIBox™ without specific drivers
• FTP Server Protocol for direct connection to CNC with Ethernet
• Support for standard RS232 protocol and for proprietary protocols Fagor Heidenhain Mazak
• Connections preset for major CNC on the market
• Support for CNC without full keyboard using SmartBox ™
Programs Transfering
• Loading - Unloading manually or controlled by CNC (Remote)
• NC memory transfer or block to block transfer, with restart capability
• Transfer Control by CNC or email
• Maximum name program length 256 characters
• Automatic probe continues data capture
• Automatic expansion of subprograms
Special Functions
• Automated comparison programs retransmitted by CNC, with reporting differences
• Reading header for Mazatrol programs
• Extended messaging to the CNC or by email
• CNC Remote controls customization 
• Security settings for each user
• File backup server configuration and external crash recovery
• Event log on SQL database
• Floating license
Programs Editing
• CNC oriented editor with specific functions for ISO programming
• Allows users to format conversion and code transformations on the fly
• Vector backplot 3D for Turning and Milling
• Automatic Pattern calculation, with ISO code generation
Machine Events Capture
• Through macro CNC or WIBox™
• Up to eight monitored machine state
• All Events writing on SQL database
• CNC alarms conditions management, with automatic alerts generations
• Includes website, database connected, for on-line production reporting 
• Reports included in the package for a real-time web consultation
• Reports custom generation using office tools
• Open system allows advanced customs 

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