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VMTech MAPS-3D Studio,MAPS-3D Modeler

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MAPS-3D Studio
MAPS-3D Studio is a pre/post-processing application for analysis of injection molding.
This includes various convenient tools to set the boundary conditions and to analyze the results.
MAPS-3D Viewer : This is a freeware to show MAPS-3D result without the license.
Project Wizard : Easy to create the projects and to set boundary conditions conveniently.
Analysis Manager : Easy to manage running analysis.
Edit Project Contents  : Easy to change boundary conditions
Detail Chart : Easy to check detailed results
Report Wizard : Easy to create the report document (HTML/PPT)
MAPS-3D Modeler
MAPS-3D Modeler makes a solid mesh for the analysis.
This provides the perfect interface with 3D CAD/CAE system and easy functions to check, edit, and create mesh. 
CAD interface :IGES, STEP, CATIA V4, CATIA V4, Pro-E, Inventor, VDA, ACIS, STL
FEA interface : Nastran, Universal file, LS-DYNA
The function to fix and Edit Geometry
The function to create runner and cooling channel system
Easy to check mesh quality and to fix bad elements
Remeshing function
Grdient Offset, Key nodes, Local mesh 
MAPS-3D Project
MAPS-3D Project is a pst-processing application and it is free.
It provides shuch functions.
Checking projects information without MAPS-3D Studio.
Comparing many project`s boundary conditions and results conveniently and quickly.   
MAPS-3D Flow
MAPS-3D Flow predicts 3D behavior of polymer melt during the filling stage of the injection molding process.
Avoid air trap and short shots
Determine the weld line location, weld line angle and weld line temperature.
Predict injection pressure and clamp force.
MAPS-3D Flow supplies various information for easier mold design as follows.
Determine the number of gates and their locations.
Optimize sprue / runner and gate design.
Optimize processing conditions such as filling time, melt and mold temperature.
MAPS-3D Cool
MAPS-3D Cool simulates the efficiency of the mold and cooling channel to achieve uniform cooling of the part.
Predict the optimal cooling time and the layout of cooling channel.
Reduce the cycle time and improve product quality.
Estimate the cooling efficiency according to the alayout and size of cooling channels.
Improve the dimensional stability by reducing unbalanced cooling.
Optimize the cooling process conditions and channel dimension.
MASP-3D Pack
MAPS-3D Pack simulates packing/holding process after end of filling phase.
Predict Volumetric shrinkage.
Predict warpage factors.
Part consistency due to proper control of the ram speed profile.
MAPS-3D Pack analysis supplies various information for more easy mold design as follows.
Predict over-packing and under-packing.
Estimate part weight after cycle time.
Predict frozen volume(%) of part and cold runner.
MAPS-3D Warp
MAPS-3D Warp predicts warpage and shrinkage of the part in advance before the mold is built.
Predict part shrinkate and warpage.
Reduce warpage with stiffener.
Improve dimensional stability by changing design.
MAPS-3D Fiber
MAPS-3D Fiber analysis predicts fiber orientation and mechanical properties for fiber-reinforced plastic part with the accurate warpage prediction.
Predict fiber orientation and anisotropic mechanical properties.
Predict linear thermal expansion coefficients.
MAPS-3D RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)
MAPS-3D RIM predicts many physical phenomena such as, flow pattern short shot, weld line, locations of air trap, pressure and temperature distribution, induction time, clamp force, degree of cure and gelling time of termoset.
Predict part shrinkage and warpage.
Determine the optimal part thickness to reduce the degree of warpage.
MAPS-3D Insert
MAPS-3D insert predicts physical phenomena such as flow pattern, temperature, pressure and deflecion with insert(metal, glass, etc.)
Insert module is added to basic modules such as flow, cool, pack, and warpage.
MAPS-3D Gate Optimization
Optimize gate position for flow balancing.
Execution time is only 1~2% of filling analysis time.
Fixed gate locations can be allowed.
define gate location area (Active/Inactive)
MAPS-3D Hot Runner Heat Balancing
MAPS-3D Manifold heat balancing analyzes heat transfer inside hot runner manifold for heat balancing.
Temperature distribution of manifold and runner.
Temperature history.
MAPS-3D Nozzle Pressure
MAPS-3D Nozzle Pressure Balancing optimizes the diameter of nozzle of hot runner system.
Optimize nozzle diameter.
Calculate Pressure drop of each nozzle.
Calculate flow rate from the hot nozzle.

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