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Volume User Guide

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How to generate a volume in VelPAK using the Velocity Volume Generator
• A depth conversion method needs to be set up for all layers in your model before producing a Velocity Volume. Ideally this would already have been run within your model, layers depth converted and reviewed before generating a volume so that any errors in the set-up will already have been corrected.
• In VelPAK version 8.2 any ERROR GRID added within the depth conversion process will not be accounted for within the volume generation. (This issue has been addressed in version 8.3 and beyond where the program attempts to proportion for this.). Therefore it is imperative that the depth conversion methods you have entered have a zero error grid such as an Interval Velocity grid or Fixed K to contour V0 grid.
• Since a volume is generated in small increments - (typically 4ms to conform with other pack-ages) this depth conversion method must be appropriate for such a small increment; for exam-ple in the diagram below of an Interval Velocity vs Isochron layer fit, the fit is good for an Isochron reading of 80ms to 340ms, but if this was extrapolated to an isochron value of 4ms the velocity would be more like 6000m/s which would produce a very inaccurate result.


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