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VelPAK Kingdom 2015

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Kingdom and this manual are both copyrighted and intended for use by a single user or a single computer whose model is authorized by Ihs Inc.. You are entitled to electronically transcribe Kingdom CD-Rom to the hard disk of an authorized computer so long as Kingdom and related software packages are operated on only one computer at a time. You are further entitled to electronically transcribe the CD to other CD(s) for archival storage only. Physical duplication of the Kingdom software and SENTINEL is expressly forbidden.
No portion of Kingdom software may be incorporated into any other program. No other usage or transcription in any form is allowed without the express written permission of Ihs Inc.. No portion of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed or stored on any information retrieval system, or translated into any foreign language or any computer language in any form and by any means whatsoever without the express written permission of IHS Inc.. This document contains confidential information and trade secrets proprietary to IHS Inc..

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