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Tiled Horizons FAQ

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1. What is the Horizon Conversion process?
The horizon file format has been changed for KINGDOM 8.0 and subsequent versions. Horizons are now stored in a tiled format. Untiled horizons may not be used in KINGDOM 8.x versions. All horizons must be converted before a project may be opened in KINGDOM 8.x. The Horizon Conversion wizard opens automatically if you have any untiled horizons and allows you to convert the horizons to the new format.
2. Can I open a project in KINGDOM 8.x without converting my horizons?
No. The horizon conversion process must be allowed to complete before you can open the project in KINGDOM 8.x
3. Can I abort the conversion process after it has started?
No. After it has started, the horizon conversion must be allowed to complete. If, for some reason, the process is stopped before completion (power failure, for example), then the next time the project is entered, the Horizon Conversion wizard will again be presented. All horizons must be converted for the logged in author before the project will open.

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