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PML:Separation gPROMS Process Model Library Documentation

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The gPROMS Process Model Library (PML) is a collection of models of commonly used processing equipment. The library is designed to enable the user to quickly construct process flowsheet models that are suitable for use in steady state and dynamic simulation, parameter estimation and optimisation studies.
The library includes:
· steady-state and dynamic modelling
· rigorous modelling of liquid and vapour mass and energy hold-up
· separation models that can describe phase appearance and disappearance
· reactor models for use with equilibrium and kinetic reactions
The library models employ an accurate representation of pressure-flow dynamics within the flowsheet; flow reversal phenomena are handled robustly were applicable.
The model code is open to the user, making it easier for you to develop customised company specific models.
The models  have fully integrated support for a variety of rigorous physical property packages  such as  Infochem’s
Multiflash and other Cape-Open compliant packages.
This document describes the contents of the PML Separation library.

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