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Beginner's Guide to VelPAK 2015

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VelPAK is a powerful and flexible package that can handle virtually all depth conversion scenarios, from simple layer-cake grids to complex, non-conformable horizon interpretation. VelPAK can utilise borehole velocities, seismic velocities and apparent velocities to give an optimal depth conversion that honours all the available data.
After depth conversion, VelPAK can perturb the parameters in multiple iterations to give a probability estimate of the depth conversion accuracy, analysing volumetrics, closure and spill points to reduce risk in drilling plans. This is especially useful in areas where well coverage is limited.
Additionally, VelPAK can add well log detail to an existing velocity volume (generated in VelPAK, by the Dynamic Depth Conversion feature of Kingdom Advanced, or a processing velocity volume) for use in reservoir characterisation and inversion studies, for example.
This tutorial is designed as a demonstration on how to get up & running with VelPAK, and introduces some of the most frequently used tools.
The most common scenario for VelPAK is depth converting time grids & is the main focus of this tutorial. The key tools for building a layer-cake depth conversion are explored, along with how they can be encapsulated in a workflow for repeatability and rapid update of the model.

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