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TRUEMill Calculator – Settings File and Tool File Documenta

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Tool Manufacturer Folders
The Tool Manufacturer Folders are folders under the “tools” folder. You can create as many separate folders as you like.
The folders name (without any extension if there is any) is used in the DropDown in the user interface. So if you want the name to show up differently in the DropDown, just rename the folder.
Note: the folder will only show up in the DropDown if there is at least one *.CSV file in the folder.
We will be adding more Tool Manufacturer folders and data files as we get more information from the tool manufacturers.
Tool Files
Inside each Tool Manufacturer Folder, there are individual Tool Files for each different tool model or line. Tool Files are in .CSV format (Comma Separated Values).
Each Tool File contains data for each type of material to be machined with recommendations for Spindle Speed, Stepover, and Chip along with information on how to enter into the material (Helix down or Pre-Drill).
The recommended parameters are separate for each tool Diameter.
When a user enters exactly a tool Diameter specified in the Tool File, those recommendations will show up exactly.
When a user enters a tool Diameter that is in between values specified in the Tool File, then the recommendations for the next smaller and next larger tool are used to interpolate the recommendations (straight line interpolation).

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