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This chapter provides a broad overview of the Spost Factory Interface Language (FIL).
FIL is a powerful product that will do almost anything you tell it to do during the postprocessing phase. It is important that you understand the implications of the commands you give FIL. We strongly suggest you have a better-than-average working knowledge of the following:
1. Logic capabilities of FIL
2. CL file structure
3. FIL syntax
4. Postprocessors
1.1 Overview of the Factory Interface Language
FIL enables you to do the following tasks:
1. Add, delete, or modify CL file data
2. Alter postprocessor machine data output
3. Add or modify Postprocessor vocabulary words
4. Read or write data in up to two files
5. Call other applications
You do this by writing a filter file called UNCL01.Fnn (if you are using the Lathe Post Processor) or UNCX01.Fnn (if you are using the Mill Post Processor). The nn in the file name represents the machine number you used with the option file you already have. For example, to use FIL with the Lathe Post Processor, you would have an option file UNCL01.Pnn and a filter file UNCL01.Fnn.
FIL inserts data into the post through the filter file. You can program any of the FIL syntax commands in the filter file.

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