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eta/PostGL POST TUTORIAL A post-processor compatible with LS

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As with selecting frames, the number of components that you choose to review
will directly affect the size of the PostGL.pp file. If your result file only contains
deformation, this menu will not be displayed and the translation of the d3plot files
to the PostGL.pp file will commence immediately. For this example, select the
All Items button followed by the Ok button. Once you have selected the Ok
button, the translation process will begin.
Aborting a Lengthy Translation
Under certain circumstances, you may not want to read what was originally
selected or the translation may be taking too long. For these reasons, you may
want to abort the translation of the d3plot files to the PostGL.pp file. This can be
accomplished by hitting the stop button in the main toolbar (figure 10 following
page). If you opt to abort the translation, only the frames that have been read in
up to the abort can be processed; that is, reviewed. For example, if the abort
button was selected at frame 5, then only frames 2-5 can be post-processed.

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