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LS-DYNA PC/Windows Installation and Reference Manual

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The LSTC Network License Manager for Windows 32 and 64 bit OS is included with the
complete install of LS-DYNA. The license manager is called “lstclm.exe” and is located in the
“program” folder which is created under the folder where LS-DYNA is installed. The license
file will also be copied to that folder during the installation process of the network license
manager. The Network License is managed through the “Network License Menu” on the LS-
DYNA Program Manager.
Note: Only the machine that is the license manager for your location needs to install the
network license manager. As a client machine running LS-DYNA you can use the Network
License Menu  ? Network License Queue entry or the “clock” icon, which is an alias for the
menu entry, to view the network license queue.

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