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Introduction to ANSYS CFX-Transient Flows

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• Lecture Theme:
– Performing a transient calculation is similar to performing a steady-state
calculation, but there are additional considerations. More data is
generated and extra inputs are required.
• Learning Aims – you will learn:
– Transient flow calculations are becoming increasingly common due to
advances in high performance computing (HPC) and reductions in
hardware costs. You will understand what transient calculations involve
and be able to perform them with confidence

• Unsteadiness can be
– Natural - growth of instabilities, non-equilibrium initial state
• natural convection flows, turbulent eddies, fluid waves
– Forced - time-dependent boundary conditions, source
terms, accumulation/depletion…
• pulsing flow, rotor-stator interaction, tank filling
• Transient simulations allow extraction of
‒ Natural frequencies (e.g. Strouhal Number)
‒ Spectral data – fast Fourier transform (FFT)
‒ Time-averaged and/or RMS values
‒ Time-related parameters (e.g. time to cool a hot solid)
• More expensive to run & complex to analyse than
steady state

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