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Introduction to ANSYS CFX-Post-processing

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Lecture Theme:
The purpose of CFD analysis is to obtain quantitative and/or qualitative
information about fluid flow performance of the system. This lecture will
explain how to do this in CFD-Post.
Learning Aims:
You will learn how to perform flow field visualization and quantitative
data analysis on your CFD results

• Right-clicking in the Viewer
– Right-clicking on an object (e.g.
Wireframe, Plane) shows options
– Insert new objects based on the current
location (e.g. a vector plot on a plane,
contour plot on a surface)
– Right-clicking in empty space shows
options for the current View
• Click on the axes to orient the view

• Save Picture in the CFX Viewer State (3D) file
format (.cvf file)
• Can then use the stand-alone Viewer to view the
file, rotate, pan, zoom, etc
– Unlicensed and free to distribute to your customers
– Can embed 3D Viewer files in PowerPoint and HTML
– Should be in your ANSYS CFX 16.0 installation
– Download from the ANSYS Website (search for “ANSYS
CFD Viewer”)
– Or run ANSYS_CFD-Viewer_160_Setup.exe from your
installation (INSTALL_ROOT\CFX\viewer)

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