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Introduction to ANSYS CFX-Day 1 Review & Tips

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Lecture Theme:
• The focus of Day 1 has been to cover topics (defining material properties, defining
boundary conditions and physical models, running the simulation, post-processing
the results) which include operations that are common to any CFD analysis in CFX.
• Many analyses will require additional inputs, such as turbulence models or system
rotation, which will be the focus of Day 2.
Learning Aims – you have learned:
• Boundary conditions, physical models and material properties
• Post-processing
• Solver settings
Learning Objectives:
• After Day 1 you will be able to set up, run and post-process your own CFD simulation

Define your modeling goals
Identify the computational domain
• Simplify if possible
• Think about where boundary conditions can be set
• Avoid placing boundaries in potential recirculation areas when possible
Create / import the geometry
• Consider meshing requirements when creating the geometry
• Do not include unnecessary detail
Create a suitable mesh
• Resolve expected gradients in the solution variables
• Check mesh quality metrics
• Save your Project to set the working
• Create the workflow by dragging and
dropping Analysis and Component
Systems on to the Project Schematic
‒ Systems can share or transfer data by
dropping on to an appropriate cell
• Configure Tools > Options to suit your

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