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Introduction to ANSYS CFX-Additional Variables ,CFX Expressi

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• Lecture Theme:
– It is possible to create user variables, expressions and functions with which to customize
a CFD model, e.g. physical properties of fluids, physical models. With a knowledge of
the underlying command language, it is possible to make changes more quickly.
• Learning Aims:
– You will learn:
• how to create Additional Variables (user variables)
• how to set up equations and functions using CFX Expression Language (CEL)
• the structure of CFX Command Language (CCL) and where it is used
so that you can extend your use of the software to deal with a greater variety of conditions
and work more efficiently.

Additional Variables
• Additional Variables (AVs) are non-reacting scalar
components that do not directly influence the flow
• They can be solved for using a transport equation or an
algebraic expression
– Transported AVs require boundary and initial conditions
• Examples:
– A tracer such as a dye or smoke
• Transport Additional Variable. The AV is transported with the
flow, but does not influence the flow
– pH level
• Algebraic Additional Variable. A function of other variables

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