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BK -- Fact or fiction

2015-01-23 Clicks 93 0Comment

You will probably have observed over the past six months or so, a rash of contradictory coverage ...


BK -- LAN-Hardware

2015-01-23 Clicks 83 0Comment

Warnings Switch off all power to equipment before connecting or disconnecting their digital inter...


BK -- Installation Manual

2015-01-23 Clicks 123 0Comment

Introduction This installation manual has been designed to make your installation as easy and tro...


BK -- MeasurementMicrophones

2015-01-23 Clicks 133 0Comment

What is a measuring microphone? A measuring microphone is a calibrated microphone designed for us...


BK -- MeasuringSound

2015-01-23 Clicks 58 0Comment

Sound and the Human Being Sound is such a common part of everyday life that we rarely appreciate ...


BK -- MeasuringVibration

2015-01-23 Clicks 108 0Comment

Where does it come from? In practice it is very difficult to avoid vibration. It usually occurs b...


BK -- SoundIntensity

2015-01-23 Clicks 101 0Comment

Sound Pressure and Sound Power A sound source radiates power and this results in a sound pressure...